Meditation Tips: Meditation Journals

Having a meditation journal We practice meditation to help us become more mindfulness. Mindful is about being present(in the moment) and also about maintaining an awareness of where we have been and where we are going . A meditation journal can help us with all of those areas. Benefits of Meditation Journals Meditation journal could […]

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Buddhist vegetarianism: Are all Buddhists vegetarians?

When we think of Buddhism, we usually think that all Buddhists are or should be vegetarians, but necessarily.┬áIn Buddhism, the views on vegetarianism vary between different schools of thought as well as cultures. Buddhism believes in not killing, so vegetarian diet is recommended. Buddha himself was not a vegetarian. He did not teach his disciples […]

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Buddhist Stupas

Symbols of Enligtenment Stupas are sacred monuments that embody the enlightened mind. The word “Stupa” is a Sannskit word that means to the heap or pile up. It’s a Buddhist Monument or dome like form created over sacred relics of the historical Buddha. Stupa is like a spiritual generator. It establishes peace and harmony while […]

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How to use the Mala: Intro to Mala Beads

What’s a Mala A Mala is a string of beads used to count mantras (Sanskrit prayers) in sets of 108 repetitions. There are several mala styles. Some malas are made with only 108 beads, a guru, and a tassel. Others have markers at 7 and/or 21 which make the piece useable in shorter mantra meditations. […]

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