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The practice of meditation empowers us with the ability to skillfully control our emotions by understanding our mind while becoming friends with it.
-Daniel Graxton (Resident Teacher of Lineages Buddhist Meditation Center.)

Satori started in November 2015 to brings support to the Sanghas and Dharma practices at the Lineages Buddhist Meditation Center. Our mission is to bring inspirational products to help your meditation practice and everyday life. All of the products on Satori are 100% handmade from our local Artist, Erin Pham.

All items on Satori are handmade with limited quantities, and are made upon order. You may purchase all products on the site by the listing price or with whatever possible donations. All of the profits made on the site will go to the Lineages Buddhist Meditation Center ( a nonprofit Buddhist center here in Orlando) to help continue the dharma/meditation teaching of the center.

Here at Satori.com, we offer free blog with useful tips to help you with your Meditation practices. To further your practice with a group of wonderful sangha, you may attend classes at the lineages Center. Classes are offer for free on every Wednesday (English) and Thursday (Spanish).

Meet our Artist

Handmade with Love and Compassion
    Erin Pham

    Artist and Designer of Satori.com.

    Erin Pham
    Artist/ Designer
Find Your Inner peace
Inspiration for your meditation practice and everyday life

Satori Goals

Handmade goods

Providing handmade Malas and/or afforadable Dharma supplies to help you with your meditation practice.

Dharma teaching

Help spread the understanding and teaching of Buddha. Free classes are available at the lineages center.

Meditation Practice

You don't have to be a Buddhist to practice Meditation. Meditation is very beneficial, and we have useful tips to help you with.
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